Introduction WP-Xvideos WordPress Theme

Introdution of WP-Xvideos WordPress Theme

WP-Xvideos is a Free WordPress Theme let you create a video website like xvideo with luxury featured.
You are sefl-managed your video website by pust the embed code, easily create auto post by RSS feed from xvideos or any page, list URLs of xvideos with a small tool I bonus to you.



Custom field used in this theme:

Embed code: “video_code”

Thumbnail: “thumb”


Commercial version
1. theme 99,9% accept
2. Auto display thumbnail (3 method: custom fields, featured image and first image in post) accept
3. MyVideoBlog Supported for automatic get video from many source accept
4. Easily add, edit, delete video direct from front page (logged-in admin only, of course!) accept
5. Four positions widget ready accept
6. Bonus WP-Robot 3 for automatic get content from any source with rss (30$ value) accept
7. Bonus RSS Xvideo generation code to creat RSS from any Xvideo page or list of video URLs (First and only on over the world!) (10$ value)
8. Bonus 3 plugin to improve display of videos. accept
9. PRICES?? 23$ ONLY

GET WP-Xvideos NOW!next



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