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Updated: December 17 2016

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WP-Xvideos is a Fully Responsive WordPress Theme which lets you to create an adult tube site like the most popular website named XVideos.
No, it is not some kind of a poor joke, dude. With that theme you can create a very similar website in just two minutes for less than $25.
We put our collective SEO knowledge into WP-Xvideos, making sure your site will naturally outrank your competitors with our techniques.

Compatible with my Importer Plugins: You are self-managed your video website by pust the embed code, easily create auto post from  any page, list URLs.



  • Custom field used in this theme:
  • Embed code: “video_code”
  • Thumbnail: “thumb”
Commercial version
1. theme 99,9% accept
2. Auto display thumbnail (3 method: custom fields, featured image and first image in post) accept
3. MyVideoBlog Supported for automatic get video from many source accept
4. Easily add, edit, delete video direct from front page (logged-in admin only, of course!) accept
5. Four positions widget ready accept
6. IF THE VIDEO GET FROM XVIDEOS.COM by XVIDEO IMPORTER, IT WILL HAVE DYNAMIC THUMBNAILS (video preview by thumbnail images rotator) accept
7. Responsive (for the best experience in all devices) accept
8. Unlimited color scheme with major color picker. accept
9. Overlay ads box to show your adsense over the embedded player. accept
8. PRICES >$300?? Nooooo! $29.99 ONLY

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