Earn money with adult tube site and plugrush

This is a step by step guide on how to take you to $300+ Profit days very easily so
listen up closely and follow everything I say.

The Traffic Source that we are going to be using is called PlugRush.

Here is some more quick information about them.


The whole process of getting your account opened, funding it, setting up campaigns,
and buying traffic looks like this..


Don’t worry I’m going to walk you through the entire process.. :-)

Step One:

Create an account , Click Here To Visit PlugRush HomePage

Click on “Register A Free Account Now”

Then fill out the usual details you would normally do to open an account anywhere.

After filling out all the necessary details, check your primary email and confirm
your account etc, your account should be approve immediately but worst case scenario
contact support if it takes more than 24 hours.

Now your account should be all ready to go!

Step 2:

You need to fund your account, you can do this now or wait until later after you create your
campaigns but you might as well get it over with now.

I suggest depositing a small test budget, then when you find some winners start depositing
larger amounts.

Log into your dashboard and click “Load Funds”


Now you’ll have the option of which way you want to fund your account.


Types of Payment they accept are:

payment types

Perfect! Now that your account is funded you can begin working
on getting your campaigns and ads setup!

Step 3:

Now we are going to create some Ads to use for your campaign.

On your main account dashboard click on ‘Ads’ and “Create Ad”


It will then bring you to this window.


As You can see by the example above, I created my ad copy to be exactly like what I would
use on my normal Banner advertisements.

This is where using tools like the AdultAdSpy is useful because you can easily see what people
are writing in their ads and just swipe that.

Upload a image to use for your Ad, the best ratio to upload is 4:3
so 180×135 , 200×150, 400×300 etc..

Fill out the appropriate details.. then select the right categories that will fit your
image ad.


Step 4:

We are going to setup a new campaign, go to your main dashboard in your account.


Click “Create Campaign”

It will bring you to this window:



Now Select Delivery Method as “Plug Traffic”..

What is Plug traffic? Here is what PlugRush says on their site..

“Plug Traffic will give you highly targeted clicked traffic. It will be delivered to you via ads displayed in widgets throughout our network. You need to create ads either before creating your campaign or while creating it.”

Basically people see images or thumbnails on sites in PlugRush’s network, and then click on
them which will bring them to your Landing Page or Offer Etc.. Makes sense?

All types of offers will work but we will be promoting an Adult Dating offer, you can check
the list of what offers are Hot right now inside of the Private Forums.

I suggest a Single Opt In offer but you can do well with a Pay Per Sale or Double Opt In Offer.

You need to select the appropriate countries that your offer accepts traffic from.
Example – United States, Canada, United Kingdom etc..

Now you need to select your traffic sources to check off.


Ideally if you want to track very very precisely I suggest creating individual campaigns
for each traffic source, this way you can gauge and know what source brings you the best
volume, leads, and conversions.

PlugRush will give you a minimum bid price for your campaign,
Enter in something a little bit above minimum.

Select how much traffic you want by dollar amount and how many
visitors you want by the hour.
Your Renewal amount if you want that option.
And Activate campaign upon approval, which I normally do.

Now pick “Select From Existing Ads”

And choose the Ads that you created earlier for this particular campaign.

Save your campaign and wait for it to go live once it is approved.

Here is an example of some of the Ads I ran and how your setup should look like
when it’s all done properly.


As you can see from my images and ads, which I blurred for ‘Safe Viewing” I used normal images
and used text that you would normally see on a Banner Advertisement for Adult.

You can experiment with putting a video play button on your image to get more clicks.

The real secret here is to test a lot of images and ads, plus test a bunch of different
categories. Be sure to track which ad is bringing u in traffic and sales and block certain
sites that are giving you bad traffic.

The Dynamic Tokens for PlugRush are:

{$id} for Source ID
{$domain} for Domain
{$cc} for Country

Direct Linking can work well depending on what offer and how good their landing page
is but I highly suggest that you create your own as it will greatly increase your
overall quality for leads and keep you from getting optimized off of the offer by the merchant.

Any of the free landing pages being offered in the forum will work very well for this.

Here are some of the ROI’s and Volumes achievable with running Ads on PlugRush.

This is 7 days worth of Data, Monday – Sunday


As you can see the campaign and traffic almost doubled my investment everyday..
Yes I know some people are going to be like that is way more than $300+ a day,
and yes your correct because I starting building campaigns like crazy on PlugRush
and started utilizing all of their other traffic sources which are.

Blind Traffic
PopUnder Traffic
Mobile Redirect Traffic
AdBlock Traffic

Each one of these sources are pretty self explanatory and don’t require you to setup any image ads, all you need to do is submit a tracking url that will point to either your landing page or direct linked to the offer.

This is why I did not cover this as you will not need help in creating these type of ads.

Get started with Plug Traffic and then Branch out to these other sources.

You HAVE to put in some elbow grease and work to get this setup but this is one of the
easiest traffic sources with quality traffic to reach your $300+ Profit Days on!

Quick Summary:

1. Create an Account – Visit PlugRush HomePage Here
2. Fund Your Account
3. Create Multiple Ads
4. Create Campaigns, Choose Targeting, and Set Live
5. Review Data, Block Bad Sites, Pause Poor Ads.
6. Rinse and Repeat.
7. Expand with New Traffic Source Targeting
8. Rinse and Repeat.

Take Massive Action on This! Don’t just Read and Do Nothing!

Hope you enjoy this Guide everyone!

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Source: http://adultmediabuying.com/adult-media-buying/epic-guide-how-to-plug-your-way-to-300-profits-per-day-with-plugrush/