9 Ways To Improve Your Alexa Ranking On Adult Website


Alexa is a website that has set up a ranking system that measures the amount of visits that different sites on the web receive.

The rank is calculated based on the amount of traffic the website receives from users that have already installed the Alexa toolbar.

When those people visit your adult WordPress site, it takes down the information and adds it up along with any other person that visits that website.

However, if the visitor goes to the same site daily at different times, those visits are only counted as one.

Why Is This Important?

Many people might be wondering why this particular ranking is important, especially considering that people need to download the Alexa toolbar.

However, there are many advertisers and adult webmasters who view the Alexa toolbar as a major decision maker, and the higher you rank, the more likely they will want to bu ad space on your adult site.

In the case of Alexa, the lower your number, the better shape your WordPress site is in.

This is especially important for small businesses and blogs who are seeking a way to compete with larger entities.

What You Can Do To Improve Your Alexa Rank

If you are interested in improving your Alexa rank, but are unsure how to go about it, do not worry.

There are quite a few things that you can do to get up on the rankings and start taking in the benefits of having a well ranked site.

1. Install The Alexa Tool Bar On Your Site

One of the first things that you can do in order to improve you your Alexa ranking is to download the Alexa toolbar yourself.

Then simply surf your own adult site. While this may not get to where you want to go alone, it is a great way to get started and will show you how things work.

You can even encourage your business associates and employees to install it and surf the site.

2. Place The Alexa Widget

Since the Alexa rank is determined by how many toolbar users visit a site, one of the best things that you can do to increase your rank is to add the Alexa widget on your site.

This will give your visitors a chance to download the Alexa toolbar, and each time they visit your site, it will count as a visit toward your ranking.

3. Alexa Redirect

While the main point is to get people with the toolbar to visit your site, there is way to have some of the visits count even without having the toolbar installed.

By using Alexa redirect in front of your site’s URL, Alexa might count clicks on the redirected links.

4. Quality Content

It is a tip that has been given over and over again, but for good reason.

Writing quality content that is useful to web savvy people is a great way to attract more visitors to your page.

So if you do not have a blog, you might want to consider putting one on your adult site.

The key is to try and attract an audience that is knowledgeable enough to have the Alexa toolbar installed on their computers with your content.

Think carefully about the type of keywords that attract these type of users and also what kind of articles will bring them.

5. Share, Share, Share

Once you have done writing content, the next step is to share that content to the world via social media.

But do not just stop at Facebook and Twitter. In fact, there are many other platforms out there that attract a different kind of audience, including the type that might have the Alexa toolbar installed.

That is why it is important to look at sites such as StumbleUpon, Reddit, Twitter and Tumblr, which allow people to share interesting content that is found on the web with other users.

But be careful, not to just share your own content.

People on these sites tend to be very picky, and if you are seen as a spammer, you will never be able to attract anyone to your site.

6. Signatures Matter

Always make sure that you have your URL present in any type of electronic signature that you use.

This is especially important if you do any type of email marketing or if you post on adult affiliate forums, since people will see the URL on each of your posts.

If you are lucky enough, the users might see the URL enough to the point where they are actually tempted to click on it.

7. Content About Alexa

If you decide to go the content writing route, why not try writing about the benefits of an Alexa rank?

Webmasters and businesses are always on the lookout for ways to increase traffic to their sites and they will probably download the toolbar and come back to your site for more information.

They might even link to your content and have it sent out to people that have the toolbar installed, which will bring you even more visitors.

8. Traffic Exchange Platform

Another aspect that you might want to consider is joining for an Alexa toolbar exchange program, which helps bring large numbers of users together and also helps increase Alexa rankings.

9. Webmaster Tools

One final thing that you can do is to create a webmaster tools section on your site.

Webmasters are always on the lookout for something new to use and having a section like this will help bring them to your site in droves.

While some may wonder if an Alexa is truly worth it, no one can deny that always helps to find different ways to attract more users to your adult WordPress site.

If building up your rank on Alexa does the trick, then you really do not have anything to lose by trying.