BBTube WordPress Video Responsive Theme

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Updated: December 17 2016

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XWP-BBTube is a WordPress Video Responsive Theme that is optimized for speed, so it will load quickly and smoothly for your users, ensuring a great user experience and search engine rankings.
This premium adult theme is also optimized for ads, so you will see higher CPCs, CTRs, RPMs and higher earnings from your tube website.
Compatible with Importer Plugins: Easily create auto post from keyword orĀ  any page, list URLs of many major tube sites. (not included), The dynamic thumbnail feature available when create videos from Xvideos Importer Plugin.
You can take full control of your theme with our powerful yet easy-to-use theme options panel from setting to styling.



  • Custom field used in this theme:
    • Embed code: “video_code”
    • Thumbnail: “thumb”
    • Duration: “duration”
  • Auto display thumbnail (3 method: custom fields, featured image and first image in post)

BBTube WordPress Video Responsive Theme

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