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    How do I request a refund or do I just do it through paypal dispute system? The player was working ok at the start but for the last 3 days it has not been working- 0 videos have been working on my website which is a shame because the player is great when it works.

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    mate, i have the same issue. started when i migrated to https. sucks and the support for all xp products is utter shit. hope this is resolved soon or i shall be wanting a refund also. support please

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    What is your link? My plugin don’t make any change to your protocol http or https, may be you not change your site to https properly. Try plugin “Really Simple SSL” to fix your site first.

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    I have the same issue for the past week and they didn’t do anything! this is really frustrating.

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    We already tried to fix this. At the moment, xvideos;redtube;youporn working well. Only pornhub server is quite unstable as usually.

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    I’m also having the same problem.
    Most of Redtube videos do not open, this happened partly in the accesses to each video.


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    I still see the error (Error Code: 102630), but it only appears on Redtube.
    By updating the same page several times, the video skips sometimes, and sometimes does not load.

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    It happen mean your server can not connect to the source tube site, may be the redtube refused the request from your server due to too many requests from an IP same time. Please try to use a cache plugin with the cache time 3-5 minutes.

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    Have you found a fix for this yet @XWP_Guy? I have the same issue mainly with pornhub. I’m using W3 cache and i set my database cache to 3 minutes. Any other settings that might fix the issue? Thanks

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    veronica fisher

    I was playing movies with no problems as of 2 days ago. Yesterday error code 102630, this video cannot be played started showing up. Don’t know what to do.

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