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Important Update (18/5/2017): Work with Youtube, Google Drive. Temporarily stop support Google services (Google drive, Youtube…)

Version (23/5/2017)

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KenPlayer Transformer Plugin is our best selling plugin that will help you generate more money from your adult WordPress tube website.

If you are embedding videos from the popular sites and you as an adult webmaster know very well that your visitors will get a tons of ads from which you will not get any money.

You can change it today and get your own custom player so when your visitors come to your site to watch some videos, they will see only your ads, not some ads from Xvideos or the other popular tubes.

It is a very easy to use plugin which surely is the most popular software on the market and it has been helping affiliates to maximize profits since 2015.

This tool can transform all  embed videos on your site to videojs/jwplayer. May be that video embedded from pornhub/redtube/youporn …

***Important: Existed customers can update this plugin in “My account”

Important Update (23/5/2017): Google Drive frequently update their server. So, Google Drive no longer  supported and removed from this plugin.

The KenPlayer Pro Features:

Add Your Own Ads

You can add your own ads to the player and control how quickly, how often, and when the ad should display to find out what gets the most conversions for your traffic.

Works With Any Theme

You can use the KenPlayer plugin with any WordPress theme. No matter the design of your site, this plugin will work seamlessly.

It has been tested extensively for compatibility with all WordPress themes.

Website License

One purchase entitles you to use this product on 30 different domains.


This plugin keeps your adult website light and breezy. It loads fast and never causes slow down. Something that is always important to consider when adding lots of plugins and widgets.

Add A Video In Any Post Using ShortCode

Shortcodes are just one more way that the KenPlayer makes life easier for webmasters. Paste the simple shortcode anywhere to embed the video and make this plugin work.

Free Support

This plugin comes with a free support. Get help when you need it to ensure you can get the very best from this awesome plugin.

Pre-Sale Questions

Can I use the KenPlayer plugin on more than one adult site?

Yes, you can use this plugin on many sites. We have introduced a limit of used domains for the one license, because many people would share this plugin with hundreds of webmasters on other forums.

If you need to use this plugin on many different sites, then contact us and he will give you a discount for another discount.

Currently, you can use a one license on 30 different domains.

Does this plugin work on all WordPress themes?

Yes, you can use our KenPlayer plugin on different WordPress themes. If you use free WordPresss themes, then this plugin will work on your website as long as you are using the WordPress.

What are the hosting/server requirements for the KenPlayer plugin?

Our plugin works with every host that supports WordPress and supports the latest versions of WordPress, MySQL and PHP and your server must have cURL and file_get_contents enabled. You should not worry because almost every hosting company fulfills these requirements.

If you use the hosting companies from our recommended list then you do not have to worry about that.

Do you provide free support for this plugin?

Yes, of course. We offer a free support and we have already thousands of clients, so please be patient. We may not respond as quick as you may want to, because sometimes we receive many tickets.

Will the already added embedded videos work after purchasing this plugin?

If you have been adding embedded videos from the PornHub or from the other site, you will not need to change or add any codes because the KenPlayer plugin will automatically do all the work for you. You just need to enable this plugin.

How often do you update the plugin?

From time to time the KenPlayer plugin needs to be updated and it happens when the porn tube site does some changes on their site and the plugin may not work properly, but we fix any issues as soon as possible.

As you know, very annoyed when use embed code to show video from the other tube site to your site. They have a lot of troubles such as pop-under (xvideos).

I wished to have a magic tool, can use their video in my site with my custom player (I really like Videojs). I could place my logo, overlay advertising banner.

I wished that tool can convert all thousand of  embed video on my site to videojs. May be that video embedded from pornhub/redtube/youporn at this time…

That is why today I show you the magic plugin, when you install and active it, that plugin will make all your embedded video in post’s content or in custom field become Videojs player without any theme modification. You can place your logo, put overlay advertising banner on that player. So cool huh?

Demo site

Click the above link to see the KenPlayer plugin in the work.

This plugin can convert all existed embed code from pornhub/redtube/youporn to videojs player.



Besides, you can post videos from above sites and use Videojs/Jwplayer to show that videos by the shortcode like this:




(remember in regular cases, shortcode only work in post content, not work in custom field)


Automatic convert all pornhub/redtube/youporn embed code found on your site to videojs/jwplayer player.

You only need to put the default embed code of above tube site and it will be transform to the custom player (videojs/jwplayer).


Now, is it what you need? If you need this awesome plugin?

Get it now!